About Me

Hej, my name is Yannik

I’m a first year master’s student in software engineering of distributed systems at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm after finishing my bachelors in cognitive computer science at Bielefeld University. Im also working as freelancer packaging projects funded by the European Commission as part of NGI-ZERO

My interests include Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as well as declarative programming languages and tools.

I maintain and contributed a few packages to the NixOS package registry. And am using the nix package manager everywhere I can.

Curiously I follow the development of Rust since before its 1.0 release, and am eager to start a new projects using it in the near future.

Lastly, I enjoy diving into the hidden structures of society and existence.

I hope some of this blog might be of interest to someone even though I’ll treat this more like a public notebook rather than an ultimately dependable source of truth.

You are still with me? Cool! Check out the menu to find out more about my recent projects, posts and if you are so inclined how to contact me!